Digital Headhunting

We combine the best features of job advertisement and direct search into one efficient package that connects you with your ideal candidate.


Digital Headhunting

Get the best digital talent acquisition technologies & access a global candidate pool

Better hiring decisions

With digital headhunting we can tailor search and selection processes to the unique requirements of each job opening and company culture, resulting in a better match between the candidate and the job.

Reduced long-term costs

Digital headhunting allows to reduce the time and resources needed to fill open positions. With focusing on attracting passive job seekers who are not actively looking for new opportunities, you can save money on expensive job advertisements and recruitment fees.

Improved efficiency

Applying Digital headhunting, our recruitment experts are able identify and connect with top talent in the industry anywhere in the world.

Modern Recruitment Methods

We will find and pre-qualify your ideal candidates from various social media channels as well as utilize targeted recruitment marketing.

It’s quite simple - our approach delivers unmatched efficiency compared to traditional advertisement search and direct search.

Evaluation and Selection

✔Online assessment & other recruitment tools
✔Continuous support and collaboration with the hiring manager

Needs analysis and Research

Collaboration with the hiring manager to identify key skills, experience and qualifications


✔Digital tool & platforms
✔Access to global talent pool including passive job seekers


Communications with the new employee to ensure a smooth transition into the company

Hire With the Leading Recruiting Software

Digital Headhunting gives you and your company the advantage of having your own recruitment consultant in JobGo who is dedicated to finding the right talent for your company. You also get access to a free recruitment management system that allows you to track the progress of the search in real-time and to easily get to know the candidates. This service provides you with the convenience and transparency you need to get the perfect candidate for your open positions.

We take care of the legwork, you only need to focus on selecting your favorite candidates and making the final hiring decision.

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Digital headhunting

Digital Headhunting combines the best features of job advertisement and direct search into one entity.

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