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Five things I learned on how to best train my Recruitment AI Assistant to do my routine tasks

Learning how to train my Recruitment AI Assistant was a journey of trial and error. This resembles the experience I have from training real life recruiters….and also not!

Here’s the 5 step process I learned to followed:

  1. I started with Data collection. As you may already know, data is the lifeblood of AI. I dedicated a significant amount of time to collect relevant and accurate data to feed into the AI.
  2. Then I moved to Data pre-processing. This step involved preparing the collected data for training. I had to clean and transform the data into a format suitable for my AI.
  3. The third step was Model selection. I choose an AI model that would best suit my needs. This depended heavily on my specific use case.
  4. Next came the actual Training. I used the pre-processed data to train my AI model. It is a time-consuming process but worth every minute…and the work still continues!
  5. Finally, I did an Evaluation. After the initial training was completed, I tested the results to ensure the AI was performing as expected!

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