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  • Up to 3 qualified candidates you want to interview
  • Insight in the power of combining Inbound and outbound recruitment methods
  • Insight in how to utilise data driven approach
  • 1 Hour Free Consultancy in how to build your recruitment strategy for your company
  • Weekly meeting where JobGo presents candidates interested in your open position
  • AI powered multimedia job presentations builder that showcase your unique offerings and resonate with top talent in your field. Example link:

Why choose JobGo?

At JobGo, we’re experts in engineering recruitment with a proven track record. In the past year alone, we’ve helped many companies like yours to fill difficult engineering positions.


Deep industry expertise

We understand the engineering landscape and what top talent is looking for.


Extensive candidate pool

Access a network of thousands of qualified engineers across Europe and Asia, ready to join your team when specs are matching.


Proven results

We've partnered with numerous companies to build high-performing engineering teams.


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