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Geyser Batteries is a Finnish clean-tech start-up developing and producing a new generation of low-cost, safe and sustainable power batteries using proprietary water-based electrochemistry.

Our patented technology is an ideal technical fit for an essential function in our future Energy System and can accelerate the transition to a 100% Renewable Power Grid by providing Fast Storage with minimal cost, lowest carbon emissions, maximum safety and ease of recycling.

Our battery cells are free of conflict materials, free of critical raw materials (CRM) and can be produced with low-CAPEX manufacturing methods under normal environmental conditions (no clean rooms, no dry rooms). This allows for a distributed production base with democratic participation of SME players to the technology (including conversion of existing legacy battery plants). Our technology presents a stark contrast to the challenges and dependencies of current solutions (no dependencies on China and no necessity for overconcentration of production in giga-factories).

We are convinced that the Geyser solution is therefore ideally suited to fulfill our mission to “enable sustainable and inclusive electrification”.

We are now looking for a Product Development Lead to join our team

By joining Geyser as a Product Development Lead you will become a leader and a locomotive of the R&D team that is helping to bring this unique technology to the customers.

– Drive sales-centric product development strategy, leading battery-cell to module level innovation work.

– Build, develop and lead Geyser’s Product R&D team.

– Translate customer requirements into functional characteristics of a product and related engineering solutions

– Foster partnerships with top engineering collaborators for efficient R&D operations.

– Support the company’s sales team in development and execution of the go-to-market strategy and customer interaction

Complete Product Development Lifecycle Management: Skill in supervising and leading product life cycles spanning electrochemistry to modules.

Customer-Centric Product Development: Demonstrated ability to translate customer needs into practical engineering solutions.

Educational Foundation: Degree in chemical engineering, material science or a related field.

Inspirational Leadership: Skilled in leading diverse teams to success. Proficient in navigating intercultural dynamics.

Experience in the Energy Storage Field: Proficiency in electrochemistry with a proven track record of bringing cutting-edge battery technologies to the market.

We pay at market rates. Geyser’s growth expectations are remarkable and so are yours. Long-term incentives may be expected based on your contribution to our joint success.

As a company, we are always curious, eager to learn from each other, and foster new ideas to grow as a team towards new heights.

Our team is diverse, energetic, and supportive, and we come to work every day because we see how big of an impact we can make on the global transition to net-zero.

Our Mission


Geyser continuously innovates and improves its technology to become the top choice in the high-power energy storage market


Geyser leads the transition to a circular economy by promoting sustainable practices and minimizing waste in the production and disposal of the batteries


Geyser enables sustainable and inclusive electrification by providing accessible and reliable energy storage solutions to communities and industries around the world


Ready to reach new heights? Let's get there, together.

So, wherever you are on your career path, there has never been a better time to join Geyser Batteries.

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