Successful recruitment =
AI + human touch

JobGo combines human experience with AI & automation which bring efficient and fast recruitment to our clients.

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For each project we customize the best hybrid strategy
to maximizes results and minimizes costs

Reach and attract the best candidates
We know employer branding and recruitment are a marathon - JobGo is a fun and easy mid-run refreshment to take you to the finishing line.

Our digital recruitment marketing promotes your open positions and builds your employer brand.
AI + Talent Acquisition team with years of expertise to your service
✅ Quality candidates with an precisely matching experience
✅ - International candidate search
✔- Support to your recruitment project
✔- Exciting experience for our clients and their candidates

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Our Clients Say

By their quality-price ratio, JobGo is definitely a more competitive option compared to other recruitment companies.

Marcus Ahlstrom

CFO and Deputy CEO, Endomines

JobGo has helped find applicants whom Fonecta would not have found through traditional search methods. The candidates offered by JobGo are of high quality and we have found good employees through them.

Tanja Kulmala

Recruitment Manager, Fonecta

We had specific needs and a tight deadline. Even so JobGo found exactly what we where looking for!

Johan Uunila

Managing Director, Q Yachts

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