Recruiters Guide 

Sign Up & Job Keywords

Sign up with only your own name and the name of the company you represent along with a password. Afterward, you should complete the job profile for the position that you are looking to fill which includes salary, job location and a more in-depth job description.

candidate suggestion

When you are satisfied with the job profile continue to the Talent Search section, where JobGo will suggest a list of the most suitable candidates for that position. You can visit any of the candidates’ social profiles that are available and see what skills each candidate possesses.

Candidate Selection

Once you have browsed through the suggested candidates you add the ones that are most interesting to your Headhunting List. Up to this point there are no fees. Note: 1 Project requires that 30 candidates are selected.

JobGo's Services 

Payment & Candidate Contacting

At this point JobGo will take your selected candidates and begin contacting to find those interested in the position. It is at this point which we charge for our services.

Interview & Candidate Discussion

Within a few days, those interested will notify you by email on how to be contacted to discuss employment options.