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JobGo brings the professionals to you in minutes, saving you time that would have been spent shifting through underqualified applicants or waiting for outsourced recruiters to return results. We focus on passive candidates who already have years of experience but would remain unseen in traditional recruitment processes.

We offer our talent search for free and only charge for our services when you decide to continue with having selected candidates contacted. There is no subscription fee, saving you costs that would have been spent on weeks of reviewing applications or the expensive monthly/yearly subscriptions outsourced recruiters would charge you whether you are hiring or not.

Manage the Entire
Recruitment Process

Save time & money by managing in one spot. Our Recruitment Management System has all you need:

Candidate & job profiles
Multiple recruiter users
Candidate matching & processing
Smart job application forms
Work behavioral tests
Tools for building your talent pool 
...and much more

Free access to
passive candidates

Browse & bookmark candidates from our talent pool of over 170 million profiles

Accessing to most suitable candidates
Candidate profiles are created from a collection of 40 social media platforms
Browse through professionals with experience & choose the best for you

Go social with
your job ads

Publish your Job ad with one click & share it instantly on social networks such as:


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