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Nobody, not even LinkedIn itself, knows what Direct Search will look like in 10 years with the impact of AI Copilots and Agents

We are in the early stages of the AI revolution. As Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai stated, ‘We’re still in the very early days of AI. I think people will be surprised at the level of progress we’re going to see.’

This progress is already evident with the new LinkedIn search experience. It’s not just about finding the right candidates, it’s about optimising the process, and that’s where AI comes in.

Incorporating ChatGPT 4o into the recruitment process is just one of the ways we can harness the power of AI. It’s about making the process more efficient, more streamlined, and ultimately, more successful.

As an early adopter of AI in recruitment, you will gain a huge competitive advantage. You’ll be able to reach passive candidates for those hard-to-fill positions, and you’ll be at the forefront of this new and exciting era in Talent Acquisition.

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