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The use of AI in Direct Search is expected to reduce time-to-hire by 50% by 2027.

The recruitment landscape has been rapidly evolving. With the rise of AI, modern headhunters are able to drastically cut down time-to-hire and thus also time-per-hire for hard to fill positions. But how does it work?

AI Copilots are designed to help headhunters automate the Direct Search process with:

  • Assist in profiling your direct search project to ensure success with your hard to fill position
  • Help building a Launch strategy than makes your ideal Candidate interested in your company and job opportunity
  • Follow up with Data points to iterate and optimize for service excellence

By automating the Direct Search process, headhunters are able to focus on building relationships with ideal candidates and making data-driven decisions. This not only saves time but also increases overall productivity and success.

If you’re a Talent Acquisition or Recruitment Leader looking to take your direct search projects to the next level, grab a complimentary copy of the ‘3-Points Strategy Guide: How AI CoPilots Automate Direct Search’. In it, you’ll learn about the 3 critical components to automating Direct Search and how to increase your productivity and success with AI Copilots and Automations. Follow the link in the comments below to download your copy.


Grab a complimentary copy of the ‘3-Points Strategy Guide: How AI CoPilots Automate Direct Search’, designed exclusively for Talent Acquisition and Recruitment Leaders. Follow this link to download: 


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