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What are your experiences with not ‘typical’ candidates?

What are your experiences with candidates who may not have the ‘typical’ background but possess the right skills? Recently, I came across a very skilled candidate with a non-traditional background. It made me think about the importance of skills-based hiring.

In my experience, I’ve found that traditional hiring methods can often overlook highly skilled candidates just because they might not fit the usual mold. This is where AI Recruitment Assistants can be of help. These tools can help us identify the required skills and test them in interviews, irrespective of the candidate’s background.

Here’s how we are training AI Assistants for the hiring process:

  • We train the AI Recruitment Assistant to scan through a candidate’s profile and identify their key skills. It doesn’t matter if they’ve had a linear career progression or if they’ve jumped across industries – the AI Assistant looks at the skills, not the titles.
  • For the interview process, we train the AI Recruitment Assistant to help us test for the most relevant skills. It formulates questions and scenarios that allow us to evaluate a candidate’s proficiency in the identified field of skills!
  • After the interview, the AI Recruitment Assistant will provide us with an objective evaluation of the candidate’s performance based on their responses. This eliminates any bias that might creep in during a human evaluation.

If you’re in HR or Talent Acquisition and you want to build a more effective recruitment strategy for your company, I would recommend grabbing a complimentary copy of ‘How to Automate Headhunting with AI Assistants – Your 3 Step Strategy Guide’. This guide will give you a detailed insight into how you can automate your direct search to achieve a more effective recruitment strategy.

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