Our Co-Pilot automates Direct Search for Talent Acquisition

Step-by-Step JobGo.Ai transforms the Seven Core Steps in the Direct Search process! Everything starts with defining the ideal candidate for your open position!

Introducing JobGo.Ai Co-Pilot, your automated Direct Search wingman!

We are partnering with multiple companies and more are joining!

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Our Clients Say

By their quality-price ratio, JobGo is definitely a more competitive option compared to other recruitment companies.

Marcus Ahlstrom

CFO and Deputy CEO, Endomines

JobGo has helped find applicants whom Fonecta would not have found through traditional search methods. The candidates offered by JobGo are of high quality and we have found good employees through them.

Tanja Kulmala

Recruitment Manager, Fonecta

We had specific needs and a tight deadline. Even so JobGo found exactly what we where looking for!

Johan Uunila

Managing Director, Q Yachts

The JobGo Co-Pilot helps with these 4 important steps:
1. Defining the deeper insights of your Ideal Candidate for your open position
2. Building a compelling sales pitch and material that engage the Ideal Candidate
3. Engage with passive candidates you possibly wouldn't have found on your own
4. Present qualified, engaged and pre-interviewed candidates directly in your inbox or your ATS

This transformation will:
– Free up your time
– Help you Focus on building relationships and strategic initiatives, not repetitive tasks.
– Save your company money: reduce costs associated with traditional headhunting methods.
– Land the A-players faster: Fill those crucial roles with top talent, quicker than ever before with a high quality candidate and client experience!
Using Co-Pilots is a step-by-step revolution, transforming the entire
Direct Search process.
Client Case
One of our pilot clients in the Engineering industry struggled to find qualified candidates with traditional methods (LinkedIn, Job Boards, Facebook). Budget constraints limited headhunting.

JobGo.Ai Co-Pilot provided a high-quality, low-cost solution, allowing us to combine Direct Search with ongoing recruitment marketing.

This efficient approach kept costs down and filled the role quickly, exceeding TA and the hiring manager's expectations!

Start with our Free Trial where our Co-Pilot helps you build a compelling targeted job and company presentation with your own text, pictures and videos!
It's not about replacing Talent Acquisition, it's about amplifying skills and impact
Our Co-Pilot is the ultimate force multiplier for Talent Acquisition professionals to drive efficiency into the recruitment process for harder to fill positions.

Just imagine the difference you could make with three times the productivity for your direct search and what it would mean for your high-level recruitment strategy.
The War for Talent is Heating Up

1. Competition for top talent is fierce. By using our Co-Pilot for finding and engaging with passive candidates, we give you a significant advantage.

2. Time is Money:  Emphasize the wasted time and resources spent on manual sourcing. Co-Pilot frees them up to focus on high-value activities, leading to a faster return on investment (ROI) for your company.

3. Forward-thinking companies are already winning in this space by adopting AI-powered Co-Pilots for Direct Search. Don’t fall behind the curve in the competitive talent landscape.

4. The JobGo.Ai Co-Pilot keeps you at the forefront of innovation, allowing you to future-proof your skills and remain relevant.

5. How do you keep the Hiring Manager happy? Co-Pilot you find the perfect fit candidates faster, leading to more placements and happier hiring managers.

Become a Strategic Partner and joint this step-by-step transformation
  • With Co-Pilot handling the legwork, TAs can focus on building strong relationships with hiring managers and candidates.
  • This will elevate your role from tactical sourcing to a strategic advisor within the company.
  • Let JobGo.Ai Co-Pilot be your secret weapon.