JobGo Features

JobGo is a digital recruitment platform that travels with you where ever and whenever you go.
By registering into our system, we help you create an amazing company profile, which ables you to manage your entire recruitment processes. Publishing job ads, browsing through candidates and choosing them - is completely free.

Using JobGo platform doesn't cost a thing. You only pay for our Headhunting services, if you desire us to contact selected passive candidates.

JobGo in numbers

JobGo network enables you to create relationships with potential employees.
In addition to active jobseekers, you get access to list of passive candidates, giving them new opportunities for success.

20 years of experience

Candidate list in one day

170 million profiles

How to find best candidates

Simple steps to get started:

Search talent

  1. Create a company account
  2. Publish a job ad with required skill set
  3. JobGo will show you the list of best matches. If you're not happy with the list, our team will send you new candidate profiles on the next day.

Select candidates

  1. Add the candidates to the Headhunt list
  2. When you have approved the candidates, we will contact them for you


  1. If the candidates are interested in the job offer, they will contact you directly
  2. Now you can begin the negotiation with the candidates
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Helsinki, Finland

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Vantaa, Finland

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Frank Black

Espoo, Finland

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Our Headhunting packages

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1 Headhunting Project


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*Price per candidate. Minimum charge 30 candidates / project.

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3 Headhunting Projects


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*Price per candidate. Minimum charge 30 candidates / project.

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