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As a digital recruitment platform, JOBGO connects recruiters and jobseekers for an optimum match. Our platform offers over 1.7 Million job posts for jobseekers worldwide and 170 Million candidate profiles + 70 000 candidates presentations/month for recruiters.
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Little bit of numbers

With the aid of the JOBGO network, professionals can build relationships with potential future employers and employers can build candidate pools for future requirements. Even people who aren't actively seeking a new job can be found by headhunters and companies and be offered new chances for new success.

1,6 Million

Job Posts

170 Million

Candidate Profiles

68 000

Candidate Suggestions Per Month

3 easy steps to find your best person for the job

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Search talent

  1. A client company account is registered where jobs and candidates are presented.
  2. You send your job profile or job ad to JOBGO.
  3. Within 24 hours JOBGO presents the initial candidate list.

Select candidates

  1. You select the candidates that fit the profile and move them to the headhunt list.
  2. NOTE: Until now everything is free of charge. Here you decide if you want to proceed to the headhunt phase and pay the appointed fee.
  3. JOBGO presents a designed company information page on the JOBGO platform that is sent to the selected candidates.


  1. A JOBGO headhunter contacts the selected candidates on your behalf.
  2. The contacting is done through email and social networks with information to maximize the candidate interest.
  3. Interested candidates fills in a contacting form which is sent directly to you by email.
  4. You contact the candidate to discuss further actions.


Barry White

Helsinki, Finland

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Macy Gray

Vantaa, Finland

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Frank Black

Espoo, Finland

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+30 Candidates per project

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