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Recruitment assessment services provide an objective way to get the most comprehensive idea of candidates’ true suitability. Evaluations are also an effective method; they fit even the tightest process schedules. JobGo has a global partner arranging a variety of assessments in 9 languages and in different countries. Let us do it for you!
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About assessment service

Our experts will take care of this for you, adding an important step in your recruitment process. Mis-hires are costly for the company, so let’s use such a powerful recruitment tool as assessment to ensure that your new top talent is a right choice.

Our Unmatched Portfolio of Assessments

Psychometric and aptitude assessments are a reliable aid in making the right recruitment decisions. Mistakes in recruitment cost too much for the company, therefore it is essential to have the most comprehensive information possible about each candidate’s abilities, skills, potential, personality, and behavior in the workplace, even before making a recruitment decision. For this, it is almost never enough to simply interview a candidate and learn about his or her work history.

JobGo offers a huge variety of assessment types for screening and selecting candidates: Ability and Aptitude, Leadership, Personality and Values, Diversity and Inclusion, Situational Judgment, Industry Specific Solutions, Workplace Safety, etc. Our recruitment consultants discuss with the client’s HR their goals and preferences, and discuss which particular assessment type is the best choice for a particular recruitment project.

Improve Your Talent Talent Decisions

JobGo has a global partner who provides assessment services around the globe in 9 languages. So, you can have your candidates checked wherever you need. We have you covered regarding to the most common employer challenges: selection, finding actual leaders,hiring for culture fit, diversity and inclusion, optimizing volume hiring, etc.

In addition to tests used during screening and selecting the best matching candidates, we also offer the ones that help you to keep such hires by developing them and improving your work culture. Who can become a leader tomorrow, how to develop your people for higher performance, how to make your culture more adaptive? Our assessment services will help you to retain your talents and make your team more successful.

Source and Attract Top Talent

Every employee success story starts with the right fit. JobGo assessment services provide a method to improve your recruitment process and get the best results. It gives an accurate picture of your candidates suitability and can be used even when the schedule is tight. Jobgo assessment services help to solve your talent acquisition challenges whether it’s an executive search affecting the whole department or company or a high-volume hiring or a culture fit.

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