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This morning I had a discussion with a HR professional about KPIs for a finalized hire!

In this conversation, she expressed how she was impressed by the power of direct search automation and the role of an AI Copilot. Not only did this technology improve productivity on reported hours spent (that we share for each project), but it also ensured quality was not compromised in the process.

This shift to automation resulted in significant cost savings, freeing her budget for further contacting passive candidates also in future projects!

This got me thinking about how many HR & Talent Acquisition professionals could benefit from such an approach. If you’re an HR & Talent Acquisition professional with hard to fill positions with tight budgets, then grab a complimentary copy of my guide ‘How AI CoPilot Automates Talent Acquisition’. Learn how AI CoPilots and automation can increase your productivity in recruitment tasks and help you achieve focus ..on the most relevant tasks. Follow the link in the comments below to get your copy.

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Grab a complimentary copy of ‘How AI CoPilot Automates Talent Acquisition’ and discover how to increase your productivity in direct search projects. Follow this link and start focusing on the most relevant tasks today 👇 


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